Sunday, November 27, 2011

The good and the bad

Ok, so I failed miserably at NaBloPoMo.  In between being SICK, Grandma in the hospital, lots of noisy wind and rain waking Avery up every night so I've not been getting enough sleep, reading too many other great blogs and feeling like I can't ever write that well or that funny or that insightful, etc., etc..  I just had to let it go.
Enough of that, on to the good.  It was wonderful to have the last four days off.  We had a really nice Thanksgiving with family, it was a lot of driving and traffic was bad through Seattle, but it was worth the drive.  We saw Santa on friday
Saturday we went swimming, today we stayed home all day and it was really nice.  We read, watched a movie, fed the chickens and collected three(!) eggs, played with trains and dolls and danced and sang songs.  And then I made stuff!  I forget how much I love that, making stuff.  I made diapers for Avery's dolls

Whyyyyy is it not right side up????   I've spent too much time trying to fix it, so it's going to have to stay sideways.
This was such an easy project and one that I think will get used a lot.  It would have been pretty quick to make tham except that I had a "helper" the whole time.  I'm looking forward to doing more sewing projects once Avery is old enough to be trusted with scissors and needles.

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